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                Industry News

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                • Netease home attitude characters

                  On January 16, 2015, the 2nd China Home Furnishing Industry Development Conference will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center.The summit will be jointly organized by China Interior Decorat...

                • Bathroom e-commerce seeks "a place"

                  When the cat’s “Double Eleven” and “Double Twelve” shopping carnivals took a large amount of consumption, the mobile micro-businesses quietly entered the mass life circle along with the prevalence of ...

                • Entering the critical period of smart home development

                  In the first few days of 2015, the excitement of the TMT field was undoubtedly belonging to smart homes and smart hardware. In the United States, the CES show is a series of smart home control and tes...

                • Furniture industry promotion techniques revealed

                  Promotional sales are occasional marketing tools used by businesses and businesses, but they have now become obsolete conventional weapons. Due to the large number of furniture companies and brands, a...