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                • Delivery time

                  Q: How long is your factory delivery time? A: Normally, we will take 20-45 days for each order. No matter how big or small the order.

                • MOQ

                  Q: What is your factory MOQ?A: Our MOQ is 15 PCS per model based in 1*40HQ container(for chair ,MOQ is 50 to 100pcs). For sample orders for 1x20GP is available but need pay extra USD500 for FOB surcha...

                • Shipment

                  Q: What kind of shipment do you usually use? A: We usually ship products by ocean container (40'/40'HQ) for regular orders. We can also arrange to ship by LCL or 20' container for sample orders. Q: Ca...

                • Samples

                  Q: Can you provide samples? A: Yes, we are pleased to provide samples. The cost of these samples will differ between products and situation. Please contact us for further details.Q:Do you have color p...

                • OEM

                  Q: Can OEM's create their own brands and styles? A: With pleasure, OEM's are very welcome and make up a substantial part of our business. We do insist however, that we make the samples prior to confir...

                • Warranty

                  Q: How long is the warranty period? A: Our warranty is between 6 to 12 months dependent on the type of products purchased.

                • Prices

                  Q: How competitive are your prices? A: We are very competitive; why not ask us for a quote. Simply just choose the items that interest you, remember to include the product code, along with the quantit...